The Most Amazing Summer Flight Sale

Many people want to take a summer break and go on a vacation or holiday, but they simply cannot afford to fly. Flights go up so dramatically when it comes to Summer travel. When it comes to the words summer and sale in terms of flights, you probably never thought that you'd see them both in the same sentence. What is the most painful things ever is realizing that are fair in the summer is three times as high as it normally is in the winter. Summer break just isn't as economical as it used to be. When you are ready to take a trip and jump on a flight for the summer it can be really expensive. Where are some awesome ways that you can save loads of money when it comes to booking your summer travel this year.


Travel can be so much more affordable if you check out the Southwest Summer of $69 sale.  That's right, with this amazing sale you can get a one-way flight for less than $70. It's honestly kind of crazy right? Flights from cities like Las Vegas to Salt Lake City or only $69 one way. Flights from cities like Raleigh North Carolina to Nashville Tennessee could only cost you $74 each way. If you're looking to book a flight from Boise Idaho to Spokane Washington you might only have to pay $64. If you were in a city like New York City you can fly places like Denver Colorado for only $133 or to Atlanta for only $163. There's so many flights included in this sale that you will get some of the cheapest prices on travel wherever you are based.


We thought you might want to also know that these fares are not available when flying to or from cities like Newark, Portland, Maine, San Juan Puerto Rico, or even New Jersey. Well this can be a bit daunting for anyone who lives in these cities -  there are other options and cities that you can fly in and out of for less, as well.


When it comes to booking these flighst you should definitely jump on it. That's because these seats are very limited and there are blackout days that apply. These fights need to be booked between June 19th and November 3rd, so make sure that you book them now. According to Southwest, you must book these fights by the end of May.But have no fear! We can also guarantee that you'll get it for even less if you follow the link above to the Southwest coupon codes. These coupon codes will offer you amazing discounts on they are line that can help you save even more. For all things summer travel definitely check out Southwest when it comes to booking your flights on the cheap this summer. The Summer of $69 will be gone before you know it so be sure to book your super-cheap summer airfare today and get it while it’s hot!